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 Celebrity Claim

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PostSubject: Celebrity Claim   Wed Jan 02, 2013 8:32 pm

Please post below what celebrity you want for your 'face'. If it's already on the list it's taken and you must find another. And please think carefully because once you've chosen your face that's it. I don't want to have to keep coming back here and changing your claim because you've had second thoughts or can't find good pics to use. And PLEASE your face MUST be an actual celeb. Not a drawing or a photo of yourself.

Child Face Claims -

  • Children - Please use face claim that can be passed off as a child. When making a claim for a child please also include the adult face your character is going to use when they become an adult.

  • Children not on board - Married characters that are expecting a child or children may place a claim to reserve a certain face for their child. It is up to the child's handler what the adult face claim will be.

If a claim is posted not following the appropriate codes, your claim will be ignored and/or deleted. It will not be acknowledged. If a name is in red it means that celebrity is unavailable. More than likely because the celebrity is a twin while a character doesn't.

Carter, Aaron // Gilbert Pendragon
Hardy, Tom // Tristan Delacroix
Harris, Neil Patrick // Blake Cartier
Isaacs, Jason // Cyrus Pendragon
Marano, Laura // Selene Night
Meyers, Jonathan Rhys // Joshua Nightshade
Simmons, Kristopher
Simmons, Jason // Tobias Delacroix


[code][color=#9999FF]Celebrity Last Name, First Name[/color] // [color=white]character Name[/color] [/code]
[code][color=#FFB6C1]Celebrity Last Name, First Name[/color] // [color=white]character Name[/color] [/code]
Reserving a Claim (For children/adult face)
[code][color=#FFFF73]Celebrity Last Name, First Name[/color] // [color=white]character Name[/color] (adult face)[/code]

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Celebrity Claim

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