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 Chatbox Rules

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PostSubject: Chatbox Rules   Chatbox Rules I_icon_minitimeFri Jan 04, 2013 3:07 am

Just like the the site you will have three chances and that is it for the chat box. If things continue to happen and people ignore the rules I will remove it entirely and the only way to chat will be through private messaging.

First time you violate a rule you will be warned.

Second time you will be banned from the chat box for a period up to a week. The duration will be up to the discretion of person who has had to warn you the second time.

Third time you will be banned from the chat box permanently. No IFs and ORs about it.

I really do hate to repeat myself so please do everyone a favor and make sure that if you are warned you only get warned once. Because I will not argue with you over if you were right or wrong. 

So on with the rules yes?

1. No excessive swearing (we all swear but keep it to a minimum yes?)

2. No sexual content of ANY kind including but not limited to innuendo or worse (I WILL NOT have sexting in my cb)

3. If you have an issue with someone do it in Private Messaging NOT in the cb

4. Caps lock is a privilege NOT a right. So not caps locking please. It's one of my pet peeves and if I'm in the cb and see someone doing it, I will kick you from it out of sheer annoyance.

5. I don't care if you use colored text but you cannot use red. Red is reserved for the Mods and Admins if they need to make an announcement.

6. NO and I will repeat this. NO changing the size of your text to anything bigger than is standard. That too is reserved for Mods or Admins if they need to make an announcement or get your attention.

7. You WILL keep things PG rated. There might be younger players on here that don't need to be subjected to certain things.

8. CB is for OUT OF CHARACTER chat. So you can talk and get to know your fellow RPers. Or if you need to quickly work something out.

9. Please stick to English as that is what most of us speak. An occasional reference to something in anotherlanguage is fine. But if you continue to spout it non stop I will kick you. That is another peeve of mine.

10. If you have questions about someone like their age, real name, etc. Take it to Private Messaging. Do NOT ask it in the chat box. Same goes for any other personal questions like "Are you really a guy or are you really a girl?"

11. Again, cb is for OOC. Please don't be acting as if someone is your gf, bf, child, mother, etc. 

12. NO GOSSIPING! I cannot stress this enough. This goes back to #3 and 10. You will not talk about another player behind his or her back. No saying, "So and So is actually a guy." "So and so is actually a girl." "So and so is actually gay." "So and so plays this person too."

13. Please do not bring up religion either. For some this is a personal thing and should be kept OUT of the chat box. Other topics that might pertain to a personal nature are Suicide, politics, sexual orientation, etc.

Follow these and we'll get along. The chatbox is for fun so don't make me be mean, yes? These rules are here for a reason. They are also subject to change upon the whim of your Admin or Mods depending on what they see in Chat Box. Please be courteous to the other people because I'm sure that is how you would like to be treated.
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Chatbox Rules

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