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 RP Basics

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PostSubject: RP Basics    RP Basics  I_icon_minitimeFri Jan 04, 2013 3:16 am

The Basics of Roleplaying are quite simple and here are some of the phrases you might come across. Those that know the terms can skip it. I'm just going over everything just to be thorough.

RP (er, ing) – Role Play(er, ing) – Taking on a role in a fantasy based game (usually) such as this site or Harry Potter, Twilight, Doctor Who, or the many many different fandom and original sites.

NPC - None Playable Character. This means that you can have a character like John Smith and mention his parents or have them in the same thread with him but they're not actual characters handled by anyone.

PM- Private Messaging.

OOC- It means Out of Character. Basically you are stating your opinion and talking as you rather than your character.

IC, IG, IRL – In Character means that you are acting as your character. Like an actor in a role. In Game means just that. In Real Life is just what it states as well. It's the real world compared to the game world.

  • A note on this. PLEASE remember that what transpires IG doesn't always reflect what the person thinks/feels IRL. A player can have someone who is a complete dick IG but they can be a nice person who is actually very considerate IRL. At the same time don't take your RL problems IG and vice versa please.

GMing, GodModing – It's when you control the actions of someone else you are posting with in a thread.

  • Example: Johnny panted as they broke apart from their duel. Looking up he saw that Tucker was off guard. Taking advantage of that, Johnny ran at him and plunged the sword through Tucker's chest killing him. Smirking victoriously at Tucker's surprised then pain expression. Ignoring the dying Tucker, Johnny whistled as he walked over to Tucker's horse and stealing everything he could. It was his now that Tucker wouldn't need them anymore.

In that post you were saying what Tucker was doing which you can't do. Here is what a post without GMing is like.

  • Johnny panted as they broke apart from their duel. They'd been dueling for a bit and he was starting to get tired. He knew he had to end it soon. Looking up he thought he saw an opening in Tucker's guard. Wanting to take advantage of it so it didn't drag on any longer, wanting to be the victor, Johnny decided to go for it. He ran at Tucker, lunged at the other's chest and hoped that he got his target and that Tucker didn't have time to block him.

If you have permission to kill off Tucker or GM his moves in your post state that either at the beginning or end of your post with a ((OOC: Tucker said I GM him and kill him off in this post))

Or if you were given GM rights for the thread state that in your first post at the top or end of your post with ((OOC: Tucker stated I have permission to GM him for this thread))

If you have permanent permission to GM someone else's character please put in your signature space – has permission to GM so and so-

Just a side note. I don't want to see a long ooc note in your posts. If your ooc notes are longer than your posts then you will be warned. If you have something to say ooc in detail like that or just to have a conversation, take it and keep it to PM's, texting, or your messenger services.

Mary Sue/Gary Stu – This is someone who basically makes their character superman minus the Kryptonite weakness. Basically it means that you're a perfect being that everyone should love and adore and not get angry or upset with. That you're the best thing since sliced bread. And that everything should revolve around your character.

If I see any of this I WILL keep an eye on you after you've been warned. If my mods, co-admins, or I see that you're continuing to do this you WILL be deleted.

You want to live out your own personal fantasy do it elsewhere. This is a place for everyone to have fun and they can't do that if you're not willing to get hurt, have a weakness, etc. They will be annoyed with you and won't want to post with you. HERE is where you can see if your character falls into this category.

Closed Threads – If you see Closed in the description or even in the topic title of a thread that means that the person who posted it only wants certain people in that thread. Do not post there if you have not been asked to join. Some people make these to further develop their character or has a certain plot in mind.

Closed: Invite only or PM to join- Means that only certain people are allowed to post there. Those that were invited to the thread by the poster unless stated to PM them to join. Then you may message the poster of the thread and WAIT for a response from them before posting there if they okay it.

Open or blank description – Means just that. It is open to any and everyone. So if you don't want someone in your thread you can't complain if they post there. If you want your thread with a certain person or persons in mind make it a closed thread.

Spam- Just about everyone hates spam mail. And Rpers hate spam posts. Spam posts are posts that have no substance or even anything that someone can react to.

  • Bad post – Suzy walked into the tavern. She looked around. Seeing her father she went to him. They left the tavern together.

That is spam and I WILL delete it.

  • Good post – Suzy walked into the tavern and looked around a bit anxiously. Her hands were clenching themselves, her lip between her teeth in nervousness. She was here to collect her father from his drunken stupor this time. Most times it was her brother Travis who came to get their father. A tavern was no place for an honest woman to be. During the last rainstorm, Travis had slipped on the outcropping of rocks that they used to climb as children that was near their home. His leg was broken so it was up to her to bring back their father. Spotting her father she went over to him, her whole body tense. Looking down at her father in desperation she despondently asked, “If you're going to drink why can't you drink at home?”

Clairvoyant – This is a big thing that is just as annoying and irritating as Mary Sue/Gary Stu's in my book and many others. This is where you have your character knowing events that have transpired somewhere else. Having your person all knowing is not much fun for the people you're posting with. If you have a way to have that information via word of mouth, a letter from a cousin, news from a Messenger, that can be allowed. But take into account that the time era this site is set in.

You can have your person witness an event IF it's in a public place and it's reasonable people would be around where it was going on. Say it was daytime in the Garden Park in the Hydroponics Dome. There would be many people to see what happened. Or only a handful since it was so crowded and your actions subtle. If someone stated in a thread that there was no one around you cannot say that you were hidden somewhere around unless you were given permission by the person(s) in the thread.

Just because you as the RPer know what's going on it doesn't meant that your character does. Please keep that in mind.
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RP Basics

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