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    Rules of the Domes

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    Rules of the Domes

    Post  Admin Eindride on Wed Jan 16, 2013 10:28 pm

    • All citizens upon reaching the school age will attend classes at the Learning center. No exceptions!
    • Upon reaching the last year of his/her learning, will report to their Governor so consideration of what their job will be upon graduating shall be discussed.
    • Immediately upon graduating from the Learning Center, the citizen will go to the Governor to receive their job placement.
    • All graduates MUST become contributing working citizens or suffer the consequences.
    • The only way to change your job is to move up the ranks of your respective field and/or depending on your ability/power.
    • Reaching age eighteen the old system's view of being an adult, he/she will have to report to the Governor of their dome to be added to the list of available/marriageable citizens.
    • Coupled citizens WILL NOT have children until their probationary three years is over. (The Magistrate will observe to make sure the marriage is a stable/balanced one before granting children)
    • Only two children per household. Natural or adopted.
    • Travel between Domes is off limits to anyone without permission from the Magistrate.
    • Children of law breakers will be put in the Orphanage. Those above the age of six will be deemed not eligible for adoption.
    • Those under the age of twelve whom continually have infractions will either be exiled to the Undercity or even put to death depending on the severity and number of infractions.
    • Those unable, unwilling, or too old to work MUST be reported to be dealt with.
    • On coming to the age of the elderly (age fifty-five) must report to their Governor.

      The failure to adhere to these rules will result in severe consequences. No one is an exception from them, not even the Magistrate. Breakers of these laws will be dealt with severely. The punishments can be anywhere from exile outside the protection of the domes, to banishment to the Undercity, even death.

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