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 Gilbert Pendragon

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Gilbert Pendragon
Gilbert PendragonStudent

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PostSubject: Gilbert Pendragon   Gilbert Pendragon I_icon_minitimeThu Jan 17, 2013 3:39 pm

Full Name: Gilbert Pendragon
Age: 10
Gender: Male
Status: Single // NA
Job Designation: Student
Faction: Magistrate

Powers: Elemental // Wind
Power Limits: He has yet to even attempt to try and fly. The more he uses his element the more drained he feels. The more powerful and longer he holds onto using his wind, the more it takes out of him. Has yet to really reduce his wind to be able to do any real damage with it.

Color of Hair: blond
Color of Eyes: brown
Height: 4'1/4
Face Claim: Aaron Carter

Strengths: Optimistic, hardworking, nimble and quick, double jointed, ambidextrous
Weaknesses: Honest, argumentative, temper

Personality: Mischievous and playful when in a good mood. Gilbert works hard and is always ready to help out. Desperately wants to grow up and be of use to his father and Canarica. Day dreams a lot always vowing that he was going to be an aeronaut. He's fascinated with the airships ever since he first saw one. He'd even done up his bicycle in a mock up fashion of an airship.

Mother: Elaine Pendragon // deceased // Specialist // Bender
Father: Cyrus Pendragon // 49 // Magistrate // Shifter
Sibling: Leah Pendragon // 15 // Healer // Healer
Spouse: N/A
Child(ren): N/A

Gilbert spent the first five years of his life in the Orphanage. He didn't know or care whom his birth parents were. From the first moment he'd been placed on the airship to be taken to the orphanage, the boy had been fascinated with them. All his toys were mock airships and he even took to always wearing a pair of gobbles about his neck and later his forehead. To this day, the boy isn't sure what called the attention of the Magistrate and his wife to him to get them to adopt him.

When not at school Gilbert is often found at the airship docks questioning the aeronauts and the other Technicians there. His obsession with them exasperates his father sometimes. Cyrus is constantly having to get the boy to do his homework and practice his abilities. As all boys and younger siblings like to do, Gilbert likes to tease his sister when she is home. More times then naught he sees her in Hospital because of his injuries he gets from tinkering or falling off his bicycle.

Access Code: Verification Confirmed

Sample Post:
Mikey sat in a tree, one leg thrown over the branch swinging back and forth. He was laughing at some of the older students and making faces when they got all mushy. He wasn't a little kid believing that girls carried cooties and the like, but he wasn't interested in girls as anything but friends at this time. Well, not most girls because they were just plain weird and alien.

Taking another bite of his apple that he'd knicked from the kitchens last night, Mikey sighed. He'd gone to the gardens and man, if only he'd had brought his roller blades! Why hadn't he thought to back those? They were his most treasured possessions after his music. Well...they might be tied because he always had his headphones on his head and listening to music when he skated.

His expression went all dreamy like some of the boys did when they thought about their girlfriends or boyfriends. If he'd brought them he could have so much fun! And if you added magic! There was no telling what kind of tricks he could invent and do!

Maybe he could write the Wallaces and ask them to send them to him. If he got yelled at by the professors or Headmistress, well.... It was better to ask for forgiveness then permission. Or at least it was in his case. Feeling a bit better and shoving the rest of the apple core into his mouth, Mikey licked his fingers and tried not to laugh seeing someone coming his way and it didn't look like they saw him.

Swallowing, he quickly wrapped his legs around the branch he'd been sitting on. Swinging down he shouted, "Boo!" even as he was dropping to the ground in a crouch giggling madly.
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Gilbert Pendragon

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