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 Tristan Delaxroix

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Tristan Delacroix
Vastus Leader
Tristan DelacroixVastus Leader

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PostSubject: Tristan Delaxroix   Fri Jan 18, 2013 4:07 pm

Full Name: Tristan Christopher Delacroix
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Status: Widowed // Sophie Delacroix née Burke
Job Designation: He worked as a teacher until he decided to quit and went undergrounds to become a rat.
Faction: Vastus (The Captain)

Powers: Psychics // Warper
Power Limits: When he tries to manipulate more people at once, he gets exhausted much faster. He can't make people see something what they deem impossible.

Color of Hair: Dark blond
Color of Eyes: Blue
Height: 6'1
Face Claim: Tom Hardy

Strengths: Good leader; clear voice, strong ideas, strong personality, quite athletic, caring for those whom he loves, hard.
Weaknesses: His son, fire (only big fires), grudges, his personal vendetta against the Magistrate.

Personality: Tristan is the kind of person you have to listen to when he starts talking. With his deep and steady voice it's hard not to. He appears to be a calm and hard man, even though inside his head, he might not be this calm at all. He's an impeccable liar, which has every bit to do with his power. With the power to manipulate the world to make others see what he wants them to see, his skills as a liar are even greater. He tries not to show his weaknesses to anyone, the only person that is allowed to know them would be his son Tobias. Ever since the death of his wife, he doesn't trust anyone apart from his family.

Mother: Vivienne Delacroix née Beaufort // Deceased at age 51 // None // Projector
Father: Stéphan Delacroix // 57 // None, a rat // Eraser
Sibling: Julian Delacroix // 23 // None, a rat // Precognition
Spouse: Sophie Delaxroix née Burke // Deceased at age 21 // Magistrate Official // Fire Elemental
Child(ren): Tobias Delaxroix // 3 // None // Mimic (not yet developed)

Tristan was born into a family that all had Physical powers, it was only obvious that he would have them too. His mother and father were both not actively supporting the Magistrate, but they had nothing against it either. They had their son make his own decisions, and Tristan had never any problem with the way the land was run. He married when he was assigned. What helped, was the fact that Tristan was madly in love with his assigned spouse. Sophie and him were like a match made in heaven. His wife worked as a Magistrate Offical while he worked as a teacher. They decided to try and have children as soon as they were allowed to have one, wanting to bring a piece of them together into the world.

Tobias Castiel Delacroix was born when Tristan was 24, and together with Sophie, he's the light of his life. His life was going good, perfect even, until one unfortunate day. As Sophie worked as a Peacekeeper for the Magistrate, her job held some dangers. Sophie died when she was 21, leaving behind her baby and Tristan. After giving birth, she was ushered to go back to work way to quickly, not giving her powers the chance to find balance again. She died because she had to stop a group of people from escaping, and while using her powers to do so, she set fire to the room they were in. The group of people didn't escape, but neither did Sophie. To find someone to blame for the death of his wife, Tristan turned on the Magistrate. He says they could have done so much more to protect her, and wants nothing to do with them anymore.

He quit his job when he was 24, overcome with grief and fled undergrounds, becoming one of the rats. His mother had already died at that point, his father and brother followed him underground. His father because was nearing the age of picking death or exile, and did not want to do the honorable thing, his brother because he would follow Tristan everywhere. With his power to make people see whatever he wanted them to, the family quickly worked its way up into the ranks. Now, at age 27, Tristan is the Captain of the Vastus, an organisation that wants to overthrow the Magistrate and rule in their place.

Access Code: Verification Confirmed

Sample Post:

“Of course I know what they are and that they’re scary. I’m just not that afraid of them as you are. There’s a simple spell that vanquishes them, you really shouldn’t be so frightened,” Eames said matter-of-factly, shaking his head as if he was disappointed. He rolled his eyes and then grinned. He wasn’t afraid of a boggart, not as long as there were spells to make it disappear again. It couldn’t be too hard, else they would never let two students do it. Eames wasn’t entirely sure what his boggart would be, maybe a really big spider or cockroach or something. He didn’t like those much, so they could be his biggest fear, couldn’t they? It would be fun to see Vivienne squeal, because Eames was pretty sure that that was what the other girl would do when a gigantic spider appeared. He was convinced that every girl hated spiders, especially gigantic ones. Or maybe his boggart would be a gigantic fire, or the walls coming at him. Eames honestly had no idea what his biggest fear was, at least not when you asked him. Deep down, he might now, but he couldn’t answer the question. Not even to himself.

“You, saving my arse? I would love to see you try,” the boy said with a scoff, grinning at her as he walked towards the first row of tables he would check. He started lifting the lids, enough for the light to come in, because he figured that would draw them out. This was going to take a long time, he already knew this. Why did this room have so many furniture with drawers? The boy let out a grumble and just continued opening tables, figuring that the faster he worked, the sooner they’d be done. He wanted to go flying later this afternoon, so the sooner they were ready, the sooner he could do that. Even if he was kind of excited about this boggart, flying was more fun than that.

“What do you think your boggart is?” he asked the girl curiously, starting on his second row of tables before looking up and seeing how Vivienne was doing. “It better not eat us, because I will hold you fully responsible if I die.”
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PostSubject: Re: Tristan Delaxroix   Sat Jan 19, 2013 7:45 pm

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Tristan Delaxroix

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