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Admin Eindride
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PostSubject: SPOUSE WANT ADS   Wed Jan 02, 2013 9:40 pm

This is where you will place your ad if you would like a spouse. Children cannot apply here. Only people that are that are 18-20 IG and have had to report to the Governor o their zone may apply here. Or anyone above age 20 that wants someone to play their spouse. Please remember that you cannot control or ask what their personality will be like. Or dictate what they do/don't like and/or love/hate.


One (husband/wife) around (age)

(insert link to your profile for information)

Please contact (insert character name) via Private Messaging if interested

This is just a general want ad you can use or make your own. If the ad has been filled please post a note saying it's been filled for which character so we can delete your ad. A side note, if an ad has been filled please message both an admin as well as a Governor so you may role play it IG (if the characters are in between 18-20)
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