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    Blake Cartier

    Blake Cartier

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    Blake Cartier

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    Full Name: Blake Cartier
    Age: 28
    Gender: Male
    Status: Single
    Job Designation: Airship Captain
    Faction: Vastus

    Powers: Elemental// Water
    Power Limits: Ice making is the highest Blake can perform, his powers are of course much powerful when next to water, but he carries some water hidden on him so he has some source of water, moving water to him from a distance takes time.

    Color of Hair: Blonde
    Color of Eyes: Blue
    Height: 6' 0" (1.83 m)
    Face Claim: Neil Patrick Harris

    Strengths: Great leader and quick thinker.
    Weaknesses: Fears/phobias: Not being able to protect those that can't protect themselves, Being lost,

    Personality: Blake is overly bubbly, he tends to be the sunshine in any group. He goes off of a positive outlook and tends to spread his cheeriness. Blake is also a funny person to be around, he likes making people smiles, hoping that he would have made their day. Blake is a curious person, and lets it sometime get the best of him, often having to resort to his charms and humor to getting him out of sticky situations. Blake tries to be helpful and supportive to any of those who come across his ship, often being a tour guide as well.

    Mother: Delia//Deceased
    Father: Alexzandar//Deceased
    Sibling: N/A
    Spouse: N/A
    Child(ren): N/A

    Blake's parents raised him to believe in people's rights and for the greater good, which is why his parents were targeted by those how opposed their beliefs. Blake had his parents until he was eighteen, and he came home to find his house ablaze, and he could not put it out in time to save his only family. He went on for four years without using his powers, blaming them for not being able to save his parents, but realized that he could use those powers. Now that he had grown that he could use them for the better good. Once he started accepting his powers he decided to take a position at an Airship Captain, since he knew the way around the dome that he could take others to where ever they wanted to go.

    Knowledge of the area made him very sought out, and he would often protect his customers by acting as a tour guide for people so that he could protect them. Many people thanked him for his generosity, this also helped him in the long run so he could know where places were. He believed that the dome system needed to change, and secretly apposes the Magistrate. He believed that people needed freedom and happiness, that it would change the world. He is very independent but he loves company and works well with others when he has to.

    Access Code:Verification Confirmed

    Sample Post:
    Storm walked outside and noticed that the ground was fairly dry, this disturbed her since she was placed in command until Professor Xavier returned, she wanted to make him proud, so if something were to happen that he would have no doubt to leave her in charge. Storm raised her arms up and shouted "STORM MISTRESS OF THE ELEMENTS!" A lightning bolt flew upon her revealing her X-Men suit. Her eyes turned white and she jumped up into the air, flying in circles. She raised her arms once more and yelled out "NATURE, RESPOND TO MY COMMAND. A WARD OF RAIN TO BRING LIFE!" The sky darkened as lightning cracked, sheets of rain fell upon the school. Storm circled around the school making rain fall upon every inch of the school's grounds. Ororo flew down as she hit the ground the cloud disappeared, returning the sunny day back to the school. She looked down at the plants and smiled "That's much better huh?" Storm turned around and notice a person soaking wet "Oh I am sorry child."
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