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 Selene Night

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Selene Night
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PostSubject: Selene Night   Selene Night I_icon_minitimeSun Jun 29, 2014 1:15 am

Full Name: Selene Night
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Status: Underage (Single)

Job Designation: Specialist
Faction: Neutral

Powers: Elemental // Fire
Power Limits: She knows basics. She knows how to manipulate the fire, she still needs fire source to use it. She can't make fire from nowhere.

Color of Hair: Light brown.
Color of Eyes: Dark Brown
Height: 1.57 m
Face Claim: Laura Marano

Strengths: Quick thinker, good listener, Intelligent,
Weaknesses: Honesty, losing someone who is close to her

Personality: Selene is quite friendly and kind girl. She is very honest with her feelings and sayings. She tends to say out what she thinks, she doesn't hold her tongue back most of times and because of it she have gotten in trouble. She actually is quite smart you could even say intelligent girl. She is quite trustworthy person. She likes to learn new things all the time, she is quite adventures.

Mother: Sarah Night nee Kingsley//40//Healer//Healer
Father: Henry Night//42//Specialist(airships)//Elemental(Fire)
Sibling: Serene Night//15//Greener//Elemental(Water)
Spouse: -
Child(ren): -

She was born as first children to Henry and Sarah Night. She had basically everything what she could have, good life, good and loving parents. Still does actually. She could get what she wanted basically. Two years after her was born her sister Serene. They did got along at first quite well. Her mother who works as healer and father who worked on airships were still home so much as they could and tried to get their kids what they wanted. They care very much about their daughters.

It all began to changes when Sel was 10 and her sister was 8. Then they both had discovered their powers and these were totally opposites. She was fire and her sister was water. They began to fight everyday basically. No matter parents did girls didn't get along anymore at all. Basically four years later she had to get into the adult world basically. She became specialist like her father, she began to work on airships like her father too. Her sister did became greener since it was place where she could use her powers well. After that they haven't talked much anymore. They basically ignore each others now.

Access Code: Verification Approved

Sample Post:
Elizabeth didn't mind being the cold or anything like that but it just does happen sometimes still. It's just her and some people don't get it. She isn't the most social one, okay she was when she was much much younger but now she isn't. She is not even herself why it is like that. Okay she did social with people sometimes when she felt like doing it but usually no, she did hang out alone or with her cat, who was her best friend actually. But she have had her only one year so not long time.

She nodded on that. "Yeah that's what many purebloods tends to do, but I guess I'm little bit different," she said. She just didn't grow up like most purebloods does. She didn't had that formal upbringing. Her parents weren't so strict about it. They were busy with other stuff than tell to their own kid about pureblood lifestlye, history and so on. She had to learn that all her own basically and maybe because of that all she ended up being ravenclaw girl. She just now likes to learn and so on a lot. She most of her days spends learning new stuff but every time different one. She didn't like when people kept calling her Night but she used with it now. But she really does likes that more if she is called Elizabeth or Lizzie.

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PostSubject: Re: Selene Night   Selene Night I_icon_minitimeSun Jun 29, 2014 4:52 am

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Selene Night

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