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    All Along The Watchtower

    Post  Cyrus Pendragon on Mon Jun 30, 2014 3:05 am

    The man's eyes stared up towards the top of the dome, gazing at the greenish hued sky. It appeared that way due to the blue forcefield he knew. The sky outside was actually an acidic yellow. The fact of the matter however was the truth couldn't be denied. The sky was changing. It didn't look as green as when he was a boy. Nor was it as dark and strange as it had been in the history texts. That combined with reports he had received from the Specialists had him believing that life outside the domes wasn't a matter of if but when.

    Certainly it appeared as if he was sending out more scouts then his predecessor. The Vastus were making things difficult. They had yet to grasp the concept that they were not in fact helping the people, but harming and perhaps even damning them. They were why Cyrus had been so adamant about trying to scout for his successor. In just six scant years his term as well as his life would be over. Unless he chose the cowards way, which he would not. It went against everything he stood for and believed in. Besides, what would that show his children?

    The sound of the airship brought him out of his musings. A smile played about his lips, the corner of Cyrus' blue eyes crinkled. His son would have been chatting his ear off telling him everything he knew about airships. Had Gilbert not been at the Learning Center with the other children, Cyrus knew his boy would have been the first on the ship.

    Catching movement that caught his eye, he turned, gaze scanning the crowd making their way aboard. Brow creased, Cyrus warily chalked it up to paranoia. Stepping aboard the ship, he began to walk towars the upper deck when he was sure he was being hailed.

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