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 Waiting on a train

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Gilbert Pendragon
Gilbert PendragonStudent

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PostSubject: Waiting on a train   Waiting on a train I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 30, 2014 8:33 am

He was nearly bouncing on his toes waiting for the train to come. He knew it was only for the deliveries and such. He would much rather be at the airship dock. Try and sneak,aboard one and become a pilot! But he was being punished. Gilbert was banned from the dock for a whole week! That just wasn't fair! Neither was skipping his homework to watch the repairs on one of the engeins had been the answer he got. He was two years away from being apprenticed. It would look really bad for his dad if he couldn't get passable grades.

He didn't see what sums had to do with flight! Or repairs. Or anything that had to do with aeronautics! But here he was being banned and hoping to talk with the conductor. His dad probably thought he was in the play park but that was for kids! Leaving his bicycle at the base of the platform he shifted from foot to foot. Noticing someone else he smiled. "Waiting to see the train too?"
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Selene Night
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PostSubject: Re: Waiting on a train   Waiting on a train I_icon_minitimeTue Jul 01, 2014 12:51 pm

Selene did walk to the train station. She wasn't sure exactly why she had came here but she wanted to go somewhere and do something fun. She may be already apprenticed already but she had just few months before she came adult and had to look for husband and so on. She sighed on that thought.

She soon reached there and she had to wait for train here now alone. She soon heard someone asking something so she looked towards where voice came. Sel noticed a boy who was few years younger than her. "Hey, yes but not sure where I'm going exactly," she said with smile to him. "So where you plan to go with train?"
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Waiting on a train

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