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PostSubject: Powers/Abilities   Powers/Abilities I_icon_minitimeWed Jan 02, 2013 10:23 pm

These are the available powers. More will likely be added over time. Some have a cap on them and no one can be added once it's locked unless a position opens up. That means the character that has the power dies (IG), the handler deleted the character, the character has misused the power or has decided that they lost their power.


Shifters - Those that can manipulate their body somehow.
  • WereCreature - Those who can change from human to animal and back again.
  • Phasers - Those that can shift their mass around to 'phase' through solid walls or become solid themselves (make themselves temporarily bulletproof).
  • Morphers - Able to change their appearance at will (humans only)
  • Chameleons - Able to hide themselves by 'blending' into their environment.
  • Teleporters - Can control the flow of time. They are able to 'shift' around time and able to in essence 'teleport'.

Psychics - Those with any power connected to ESP.
  • Precognition - Can see what is to be or what is going to happen.
  • Postcognition - Can see what has been or what has happened.
  • Psychokinesis/Telekinesis - Being able to move things
  • Telepathy - Reading thoughts/projecting thoughts etc.
  • Empath - Reading people's emotions/ able to influence other people's emotions.
  • Technopath - Being able to interact and 'talk' to anything that is electronic/mechanical.
  • Projectors - Astral projection/ dream projection
  • Erasers - Those that can erase people's memories.
  • Manipulator - Those that can hypnotize or plant 'suggestions' or use the 'power of suggestion' to have people do what they want.
  • Warpers - Warp reality/surroundings to make people see what they want to see.

Elementals - Those that can control as well as create the element they can manipulate.
  • Wind - Control and harness wind. Those that master this element can even achieve flight. Resistant to most weather.
  • Fire - Able to control how 'hot' it burns. Fire resistant, higher body temperature.
  • Water - Those that master this element can even create ice. Some it is even rumored can do something else with water if they master it completely.
  • Earth - Controls the earth, rocks, sand etc. Are able to take more of a beating then most people.
  • Wood - Those that can control plantlife.
  • Lighting - All forms of electricity. those whom master it can even call and control lightning. They too like Fire wielders are resistant to burns.

Others - Those whose abilities and powers do not fit into the above categories.
  • Mimics - Able to mimic other people's abilities that are within a certain radius of them.
  • Sensors - Able to sense everything and everyone around them like a type of 'sonar'.
  • Nullifiers - Able to cancel out other people's abilities within a certain radius.
  • Healers - Some have regenerative capability while others are only able to heal other people but not themselves.
  • Benders - Able to bend light around them to appear invisible
  • Ferals - Heightened reflexes, sight, hearing, smell, strength

Please feel free to use the code below if you have an idea for a power not already listed -


[b]Sample RP of character using power/ability[/b]
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Admin Eindride
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Powers/Abilities Empty
PostSubject: Re: Powers/Abilities   Powers/Abilities I_icon_minitimeSun Jun 29, 2014 5:23 am


Water - (1) Blake Cartier
Fire - (1) Selene Night
Wind - (1) Gilbert Pendragon

Warper - (1) Tristan Delacroix

Phaser - (1) Cyrus Pendragon
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