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    Character Application Template

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    Character Application Template

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    Please read the want ads and fill out and have your character face and power/ability approved before making application. Copy and paste the form with your character name in a New Topic. No colored text except for the ones in the [brackets] please. The font must stay the same as well. Failure to follow these rules will likely have you're application moved to the denied section.

    [u][b]FILE RECORDS[/b][/u]
    [b]Full Name:[/b] (First Last)
    [b]Age:[/b] (8-54)
    [b]Gender:[/b] (male, female, transgender, hermaphrodite)
    [b]Status:[/b] (Underage, Single, Married, Widowed) // (name of spouse)
    [b]Job Designation:[/b] (What job did you get assigned when you reported to the Governor. Please keep in mind your power may play a part in what your job might be)
    [b]Faction:[/b] (Vastus, Magistrate, Magistrate Sympathizer, Vastus Sympathizer, Neutral, etc)

    [b]Powers:[/b] (Shifer, Psychic, Other, Elemental, None) // (N/A, werecreature, wind, healer, etc)
    [b]Power Limits:[/b] (If your character has any powers, please describe their limitations, eg, if your character has telepathy how far away does the person have to be before they can't hear the surface thoughts of nearby people? Non-powered characters just put N/A)

    [b]Color of Hair:[/b]
    [b]Color of Eyes:[/b]
    [b]Face Claim:[/b] (the name of the celebrity you want as your character face)

    [b]Strengths:[/b] (character strengths: what makes your character who they are. Are they a good leader, speaker, quick thinker, etc)
    [b]Weaknesses:[/b] (Character weaknesses: animals, cut fluffy things etc are soft spots. Not weaknesses. Weaknesses can be used against your character. Fears/phobias, an addiction eg gambling, gluttony, etc. These are character flaws)

    [b]Personality:[/b] (What is your character like? Are they introverted, loud, bumbling, excitable, over achievers, etc Please make this at least 5 sentences.)

    [b]Mother:[/b] (Name//age// job//abilities)
    [b]Father:[/b] (Name//age//job//abilities)
    [b]Sibling:[/b] (Name//age//job//abilities)
    [b]Spouse:[/b] (Name//age//job//abilities)
    [b]Child(ren):[/b] (Name//age//job//abilities)

    (must be at least 2 paragraphs of 5 sentences each)

    [b]Access Code:[/b](if you've read the rules you'll know what it is)

    [b]Sample Post:[/b]
    (Can be about or from anywhere as long as it was written by you)

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    Full Name: John Smith
    Age: 27
    Gender: Male
    Status: Married // Joan Smith
    Job Designation: Breeder
    Faction: Magistrate

    Powers: Shifter // WereCreature
    Power Limits: When in my animal form too long I tend to become more and more like it. Since I'm a bird I get distracted easily but can only stay in the form for a small time frame. If I stay in it too long I start to forget I'm actually not a bird.

    Color of Hair: brown
    Color of Eyes: brown
    Height: 5'9
    Face Claim: Matt Smith (Example)

    Strengths: Observant, resourceful, intelligent
    Weaknesses: Ailurophobia (fear of cats), needs constant reminding to shift out of his animal form, twitchy

    Personality: John is very much like his animal form. A bit flighty and absentminded. He gets distracted easily and loves heights. He's very protective of his son and wife as well. Cheerful and friendly, learning patience and how to try and say no to his son when he gives him big pleading eyes.

    Mother: Jill Smith // deceased // Breeder // Empath
    Father: Jack Smith //deceased // Breeder // Shifter
    Sibling: Jane Smith // 35 // Official // Empath
    Spouse: Joan Smith // 28 // Greener // Elemental
    Child(ren): Jeremy Smith // 3 // Child // Shifter

    Second child born into the Smith household. Like his father he found out that he was a Shifter. While in school he was constantly reprimanded for shifting into his bird form. It felt more natural to him sometimes then his human self. Was a very friendly child whom didn't really have any problems except for his constant attention problems. He did learn as he grew, but still needs reminding about things.

    Getting his job as Breeder didn't really disappoint John much since he was assigned to the avian section of the Hatchery. It suited him since he could tell what a bird wanted because of his werecreature. When he was introduced to Joan who'd become his wife he couldn't be more thrilled. She was patient and didn't mind his absentmindedness. She balanced him out and as he got to know her more, the more his affection grew to love. When his son was born he started to begin to learn patience and concentration since his son was born as a Shifter as well.

    Access Code:(if you've read the rules/information you'll know what it is)

    Sample Post:
    The man took the cloth away from the cut on his forehead and grimaced at the bloodied cloth. That was the problem with head wounds. They looked worse then they were and bled a bit more than you would like. Not wanting to stain his shirt or jacket, he reapplied the cloth with a sigh. That was what he got for not paying attention. This would teach him to relax his guard for even the tiniest of fractions. It wasn't everyday you saw a naked person, a very attractive female person running through the streets. Could one blame him for looking? He was a very healthy red-blooded male thank you!

    Keeping the cloth pressed to his forehead which thankfully wouldn't leave a scar, Rhys picked up his tumbler of firewhiskey. Downing it he coughed as it burned his throat. Setting it down he wiped his now free hand across his mouth. Oh, he was not looking forward to writing up his report. At least his group had gotten their target. Some idiot was trying to sell Aurgries to a non-magical bird keeper.

    Looking around the tavern he wanted to smack himself for being so dense. He'd lost track of time and here he was in a pub full of students. Noisy ones at that. Rhys had forgotten what it was like to be that young and how it was natural to be that full of noise and bustle. Hearing a noise he wasn't accustomed to, he turned and located it. His eyes focused on the noise maker. “Oi, you. You're going to make a puddle and slip in it.”

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