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In the middle of the 21st century humanity became aware of their perilous position as they overextended themselves. Natural resources were about depleted, the atmosphere of the planet was already changing. New laws were adopted and amended to try and slow down the inevitable. Plans were put into motion beginning with the meeting of nations. All agreed upon certain laws, the fact that they'd have to enforce them with no room for exceptions. Having come to an agreement, construction began the domed cities. Radicals still existed however not knowing or not agreeing with their government. While each country was trying to build their salvation to try and survive, the populace unknowing what was going on, continued as it had.

Wars continued unsanctioned by the leaders of the countries that had made peace talks and treaties. Famine and riots followed as it always did behind war. Sickness from the radiation poisoning spread throughout the world. The very air was saturated with the harmful substance. The weak, elderly, and the young were the first fall victim to the new violent world they found themselves in. People began to believe it was the end of the world. Devices they took for granted no longer worked. It was during the wars; something now interfered with the technology making it about useless. Those that took technology for granted and convenience were now helpless and lost.

Animals had become nearly extinct from human expansion creeping into their habitat. Their numbers dwindled drastically from all the hunting that the humans did while trying to counter the famines. The ground didn't want to yield any crops due to all the toxins, pollutants, and other chemicals that had been dumped into the soil for generations.

New ways were needed. Scientists had been at work to try and counter that problem ever since the Summit had discovered that the planet and humanity were doomed if they couldn't find a way to survive. They found a way. Alternate means of food, energy, and living. It would put them back a few centuries but it was survival. A way to live while hopefully the planet could recover without human interference.

As some jobs were now obsolete; jobs were handed down from parent to child. There was no need for them to have to go to school to have a different job. Because of the fallout from the bombs and nuclear wars that had changed the atmosphere of the planet, people didn't live as long as they used to. Which was another reason why children were taught how to do their parents job as soon as possible. A new marriage law was enacted and enforced to keep the population strong and to survive.

Currency had no value anymore. Because of this, as well as it being impractical a new system was set into place. Or rather one had been dragged back from ancient times. That of bartering and trading. Each domed city bartered and traded with neighboring cities. The citizens of the domes didn't have to barter for food, water, or medical supplies. Everything was carefully rationed. These people had been selected from a lottery. A lottery that had been held and those that weren't allowed into the domes quickly perished. Criminals from the domes were exiled to the wastelands outside the safety and protection of the domes or quickly put to death. The new regime had a zero tolerance policy.

Once the domes had been complete, children were once again put in school. Their schooling stopped once they reached the age of twelve – thirteen. From there they would automatically get a job and take their place as a contributing working citizen of the domes. This is how it was and how it would always be. That was the belief but as all civilizations rise, they also fall.

Many years and generation passed in this way. Then humans began to exhibit 'powers'. Over the years more and more were being born and who would manifest later. Those born without such abilities were growing fewer and fewer. Because of this, when reporting to the Governor of their Zones for work, the citizen's 'power' and 'ability' were taken into consideration for which job placement they would be assigned rather then just what job their parents had.

A group of people tired of the Magistrate's rule have called themselves the Vastus. They want to take out the Magistrate so they can govern themselves. To have jobs other than what they are resigned to because of their parents or 'abilities'. Of everything being rationed and not able to travel between domes. Of wanting to control their own lives rather then having them planned from birth. To be able to have more than the allotted two children. Having a more lenient policy rather than the dictatorship that they were living under.

Their have been reports stating that the earth has begun to recover from the damage humanity did. That it is once again safe to breathe fresh air that hasn't been recycled. There had been plans for another lottery. Not everyone would be let out of the domes quite yet. The Magistrate declaring the need to 'fix' areas before letting everyone out. Places around the domes needed to be explored and made safe from roaming 'Animals'. Only once it was cleared and deemed safe would people be allowed out of the domes.

The Vastus are not happy with this declaration believing that they will never be let out of the domes. Not until the Magistrate had charge of the civilization that was to be created upon the surface. The Magistrate knowing and not wanting to repeat humanities past transgressions want to wipe the Vastus out. The two have been struggling for quite awhile.
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Site Plot

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